He was trying reverse psychology on me – 9th June 1998

Tuesday 9th Yeah, Ralph doesn’t hate me! He did ignore me this morning and smiled at Emma and not me but then at 1st break I got trapped in T Block with him. I walked into a room to get away from him coz I was not sure what to say to him after yesterday and Rachael Hollins followed me.

I was just talking to Rach then Ralph walked in and said he wanted to talk to me. I got hold of Rach’s hair so she wouldn’t move but he was telling her to go. Emma shut the door on us and I let go of Rach, forgetting there was a fire exit. She went out and it was just me and Ralph. I was praying for the bell to go coz Emma was holding the door shut so I couldn’t get out. Ralph then started saying that everyone said I liked him and he wanted to know if I did.

I was frantically trying to change the subject by telling Emma to open the door but I eventually gave in and said, “Er… urm… yeah, I s’pose.” I dunno if he heard coz the bell finally went and people were moving about and talking.

Then Graham Baxter and Ferny went past the window and Graham said to Ralph, “Have you pulled yet?” I hadn’t been able to stop grinning all the time I was shut in there with him and when Graham said that I nearly laughed. It was really embarrassing!

I hate being put on the spot with questions like that coz I can never stop smiling and I never say what I want to or have planned to say. Then afterwards I always think of a good think I could have said which is really annoying coz it’s too late.

At last break we were all in T Block again and Ralph was completely ignoring me and being really nice to Rach and asking her to go places and stuff. It was so obvious he was trying to make me jealous coz he kept glancing at me to see how I was reacting. I didn’t. I just sat on a desk and didn’t take an interest. Well, not obviously anyway.

I actually found out I was right coz Jen told me that’s what Emma told her and Emma also told me last lesson in English. She said he was trying reverse psychology on me. He pretended he didn’t like me and, to try and make me jealous, pretended he fancied Rachael instead. It might have worked if he wasn’t so obvious. They planned it in P.S.E. and Emma said he kept talking about me and he knows he’s stupid for still liking me.

Emma keeps telling me that she’s sick of hearing about Ralph from me and about me from Ralph. But it’s only coz she’s a handy indirect link to each other. Anyway, it’s not like she never goes on about her problems to me. Maybe I’m sick of hearing about bloody Gina Black, Freddie’s ex who’s still after him (WHY?!), does she ever think about that? I s’pose at least she and Hayley are sort of mates again (I wonder how long that’ll last) coz I get stuck in the middle of that too.


P.S. I’ve just remembered a great big chunk I’ve missed out.

After school, I went to the canteen for a drink and Ralph stopped Emma to give her his Food Tech project. I came out and said, “Well, I think you and Rachael make a lovely couple”. Emma told him I didn’t mean it (I didn’t) and said, “I’m sick of you two. Why don’t you just go out with each other?” I didn’t answer and Ralph put his hands in his pockets, hung his head, stuck his bottom lip out and went all puppy-eyed and pathetic and said, “Yeah, why don’t you just go out with me, Tess?”

I nearly said I would but I couldn’t for some reason. It might have been the fact that Ferny was there with a baseball cap on. Mmm, I dunno what it is but I love lads with baseball caps on. Maybe Ralph should get one. Nah, I love him anyway really! [That reverse psychology had obviously paid off.]

But Ferny + 1 basecall cap = PHWOAR!

See ya!

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