The whole school would probably skit me – 7th June 1998

Sunday 7th


Hello again. Yes another new diary. This is probably going to be just as boring as the others for anyone other than me being nosey enough to read through them. But, as long as I’m dead, I don’t mind.

A quick update on my life at the moment first, I think. Well, Ralph Christopherson sums it up really. Basically he fancies me, I fancy him but I (being as awkward as I am) won’t go out with him. The main reasons for this are as follows:-

  1. I also like his mate William Fernley.
  2. The World Cup’s starting in 3 days’ time (YEAH!) and I’ll probably go and watch it in the Sports Club where there are loads of fit lads.
  3. It’s only 6 weeks until the summer hols and I’m going up to Scotland where there are also a few interesting lads. Scottish accents included.
  4. It’s Ralph, isn’t it. The whole school would probably skit me for it coz he’s hardly Leo DiCaprio, he’s a bit of a prat sometimes and he’s ginger (although that isn’t an issue).

Despite all this, for some reason I really like him. I’ve got to make a decision really before he gets sick of me. In fact, I think he has already because that’s what he told Emma Thornley yesterday when I went home before we met him and Freddie Bevan (the lad who is often like Emma’s Siamese twin – joined at the lips).

Ralph also told Emma that he’d start liking me again if I either went with [snogged] him or went out with him. It actually sounds to me as though that is the only reason why he liked me in the first place because I’m probably the only girl that he’s actually got a chance with. But then Emma did point out today that he still liked me when he thought he had no chance and he went all depressed and apparently couldn’t stop thinking about me. Well, I can’t say I blame the boy! [I was definitely joking. Was ‘LOL’ not a thing in 1998?]

See, I told you, it’s gonna be boring and probably of no historical use whatsoever.

Oh well, sod you, it’s my diary!


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