He’s just about all I can think about at the moment – 5th June 1998

Friday 5th Well, Ralph didn’t ask me out today. Part of me is a bit disappointed really but the majority of me isn’t.

Lena said she was sat next to him in summit and all he talked about all lesson was me and how he wanted to ask me out but didn’t know if he should or not.

Emma met him and Freddie half was up her lane tonight. She said they were both pissed and all Ralph talked about for 40 minutes was me. He said he really liked me and I was all he could think about. (That sounds familiar. He’s just about all I can think about at the moment.) He kept asking where I was and why I hadn’t come.

She asked him if he was going to ask me out and I think he said he wasn’t cos he thinks I don’t like him. Course I do. If I didn’t, I wouldn’t have mentioned him so much in here. Plus, if I didn’t like him, he’d have got the message by now coz I’m hardly subtle about things.

He also asked Emma whether she thought I’d go with him. She told him it depended on the situation which is true. He said he’d have to corner me but she told him I’d probably thump him if he did that. That is also true!

Emma and I also rang them at Freddie’s. His brother had mates round and they were all pissed. Ralph came on and told someone we were Freddie’s bird and his bird. Ooh, if I’d have been there he wouldn’t have lived to see tomorrow. He’s not done himself any favours with that. Well, I s’pose he was pissed. That annoys me too. I think that’s probably why I prefer him in school – there’s no alcohol. I don’t see the need. That’s all he and Freddie seem to do.

8 thoughts on “He’s just about all I can think about at the moment – 5th June 1998

  1. Thought for the day: this young love was bs, you both just liked the idea of ‘not being able to think about anything else’, and it’s the same deal now!


    • I can’t speak for Ralph but if something was in my diary a lot then it was definitely on my mind a lot.

      I remember all this too – I genuinely couldn’t stop thinking about him but it wasn’t in a swoony way. It was more of a constant state of fret because I properly fancied him but at the same time I was terrified of the inevitable first snog that would have come with agreeing to go out with him.

      I’m pleased you find this interesting at least!

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      • btw I phrased that wrong… I don’t have an unshakable belief that I’m awesome. Actually sort of the opposite. I just don’t feel like a creep commenting unbidden for some reason, maybe I should. I feel I have something to contribute, but ‘awesome’ was not what I meant, way overstated. Right yeah, now this really is becoming a bit ‘off’ (for someone like you), I can see that. Okay, peace out. Shalln’t comment again, just to save my own head more than anything. Bye.


      • What? Don’t be daft… of course you can comment if you want to. Sounds like you were a teen in the 90s too (I’m guessing from the ownership of at least one Space album) so contribute away!

        These posts are just all my teenage thoughts dumped in the the pages of a notebook and they don’t all make immediate sense. If something needs explaining further (like the reason for Ralph being stuck in my head) then I’m happy to do that.

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      • WAIT! I didn’t mean ‘overstated’ either. It’s not that ‘awesome’ was ‘overstated’…it’s that is was completely the wrong idea. That’s all I want to clear up. That’s it. Out.


  2. Ugh sorry for being the unwanted commenter guy on your blog. I’m cool with being him because I have this unshakable belief that I’m awesome. Plus your blog is interesting!


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