Ralph’s going to ask me out to my face – 3rd June 1998

Wednesday 3rd According to Hayley and Lena (and I believe them coz I saw them talking to him), Ralph’s going to ask me out to my face on Friday.

I hope he’s not planning on doing it in school. I might laugh or summit! I don’t want him to ask really coz I dunno what to say. We’ve only really got 4 weeks left in school and then it’s work experience and then the summer hols. I don’t wanna be going out with him then or whilst the World Cup’s on coz I might watch it in the Sports Club with Hayley and she said that there’s loads of fit lads.

But I still don’t wanna say no to Ralph. I really like him and he’ll give up on me then and I don’t want him to coz I do want to go out with him but just not now. See what I mean?

Ralph wasn’t actually in school today.

Oh yeah, other problem. Ferny. I still like him too, to make matters more complicated. I can’t help it. Plus he had a baseball cap in his bag today and I’ve really got a think about lads in baseball caps for some reason.

Emma thinks these are all just excuses. I s’pose it does sound like I’m trying to get out of it but I know what I mean when I come up with all these reasons. They’re true, not excuses.


One thought on “Ralph’s going to ask me out to my face – 3rd June 1998

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