“You’ve got a right little love triangle going on” – 1st June 1998

Monday 1st I took some photos into school of me and Hayley when we were little coz we found them last night and she wanted to show people.

At last break I was with Lindsey Bullman, Olivia, Hayley and Emma and Ralph, Freddie and Dougie came too. Dougie pissed off to look for Lena, Emma and Freddie were stuck to each other and I had Ralph complaining coz Emma had already told me that he was covered in cuts and bruises from when he fell off his bike doing stunts. He wanted to tell me himself.

Hayley, Lindsey and I all went to find the photos in my bag and the rest followed on. There was this one of me on my own painting a wall and Ralph got hold of it and said it was cute

I realised I hadn’t got it back and asked him where it was. Luckily I noticed it sticking out of his pocket and I got it back. He tried to grab it back off me again and kept nudging me to give it him.

This morning I told him I’d got my money back and he was telling Emma afterwards that I’d spoken to him. He keeps smiling at me really nicely and I just wanna give in and go out with him but I’m not sure yet whether or not it’s worth all the piss taking that’s bound to occur. I tested it out on Becky the Year 9 by telling her I was going out with him. She couldn’t stop laughing! Well, that’s just charming, innit!

We saw Ralph and Ferny after school (after Lena told me Ralph told her he still liked me in Spanish) and he gave me one of his smiles. Emma said summit like, “You’ve got a right little love triangle going on, you three.” I heard and I think Ferny heard and Ralph half heard and kept asking what she’d said.

[I think I was running out of ideas… or should I say BYEdeas! AhahaHAHAHAhahaa! Sorry.]

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