Ralph’s going to want to go with me – 28th May 1998

Thursday 28th Abby’s birthday

We went to Alton Towers today – me, Emma, Hayley. Abby and Roxy. We were there all say but only manages to go on about 5 or 6 rides.

We went on the Black Hole 1st. It was just a roller coaster in pitch darkness but it was a good starter coz it got me going.

Then we queued for about 2 hours for Oblivion. The ride was top! It drops vertically after a 4 second pause and goes underground into a tunnel full of mist and back out again. It’s like a dream when you’re falling but never reach the bottom. You get this strange feeling in your stomach which I would have found unbearable if the drop had been any higher. I wanna do it again!

We also went on the Astrodancers, Haunted House, River Rapids (I got soaked), Corkscrew and Nemesis which is also really good. We didn’t have time for Ripsaw.

Emma, Ralph and Freddie phoned me tonight about going to see Sliding Doors at the cinema tomorrow. I think Ralph’s going to want to go with [snog] me but I’m not so sure if I want to but I don’t wanna put him off.  There’s only the 4 of us going so I’ll get stuck with him anyway.

Emma and Freddie were saying how annoying I was and Ralph won’t agree. He also wants to hang around for a bit before the film.

Emma told me last night that Ralph said there was nothing to insult me about and when she told him I did like him he sounded pleased.

Oh heck!


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