I found the courage to phone Ralph – 23rd – 27th May 1998

 [It was the school hols and I’d gone camping in Pembrokeshire with Emma and her family.]

Saturday 23rd I thought the journey would never end. The campsite, Lleithyr Meadow, is quite nice and it’s got decent showers and everything. [This is the equivalent of a 5 star review from teen me.]

I only had about 2 hours sleep and I’m knackered. The tent’s really cold and not comfy at all.

I’m so tired.


Sunday 24th Emma’s mum roped me and Emma into going on a 6 mile coastal walk with her. Never again! It went really hot and most of it was uphill. Emma was permanently moaning that she was too unfit and I was legging it ahead and my knees and left ankle suffered. I shouldn’t have run so much.

There’s this really weird lad called Duncan on the site. He’s collected a lot of female followers. He’s 13 and they’re all about 7. He swings about on the play area and he pretends to be a Teletubbie. FREAK!!!

I found the courage to phone Ralph. He sounded pleased and said he’d cheered up a bit. He said he still liked me when Emma asked.


Monday 25th We went to Whitesands Bay today. [But sod the scenery everyone…] There was this drop-dead gorgeous lad there and he was looking at me.

[Maybe he was admiring my oh-so-chic Adidas joggers.]

[Maybe he was admiring my oh-so-chic Adidas joggers.]

Emma found a dead dogfish in the sea and paraded around with it in her hand. Yuk!

We phoned Freddie tonight as well. Nowt interesting.


Tuesday 26th We didn’t do a lot today – too tired.

We went on this well good boat trip round Ramsey Island today. It’s been on Blue Peter. We went in caves and over rapids. It was so good.

Phoned Ralph again. Didn’t say much but he did give me a chance to wind Emma up about Gina Black (Freddie’s ex who still fancies him). He only said he walked home with her really.

The Freak wanted us to join his gang. As if!


Wednesday 27th I’m home. I’m tired. I’m going to bed.

We did a 4-way call. Ralph really wants me to come to the cinema and didn’t want me to hang up.

Night night.


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