Ralph smelt nice today – 20th May 1998

Wednesday 20th Ralph smelt nice today. Emma said so too although I didn’t say anything to her about it. He was being quite nice to me as well at morning break. We were just basically talking about primary schools coz Lena brought in this photo of her and Ferny when they were about 5. He’s so sweet but looks completely different. I’d never have guessed it was him.

Ferny’s sister had given Dougie a love letter too and Ralph was getting pretty close to me when we were all crowded round. That’s when I noticed the smell. Emma told me later that it was spray of Ferny’s.

Emma had Food Tech with Ralph today and told me some of the things he said. She told him I’d kissed his pen yesterday (I didn’t) and he was sat there kissing it. He said my house was top again. Then she said a conversation went summit like this:-

Ralph: I’m not going to the chippy tomorrow lunch, I’m going straight to the field.
Emma: Why’s that then? (Knowing he meant me.)
R: Why d’you think? (Meaning me.) Do you think she would? (Go with [snog] him.)
E: I doubt it. She wouldn’t just go with you if you asked her, especially if there were people about.
R: Great, so I’ll have to take her for a walk then.

Er… remember Tessa, don’t go off alone with Ralph tomorrow!


P.S. Also at break (I was wearing a skirt and skin-coloured tights) Emma said Ralph kept glancing at my legs before he asked me whether I got self-conscious about wearing a skirt when 1st years could be looking up it. I’m wearing trousers tomorrow!

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