He’s got a sexy squint – 8th May 1998

Friday 8th I’ve had horrible exams today. I had a 3 hour Art one this morning and I was on my bill coz Bella’s broken her arm. I got Cheryl Ainley to sit with me but there was a lot of silence coz we don’t really know each other that well.

All my mates had got out before me so Emma, Freddie, Olivia and Hayley had all gone back to Hayley’s house. When I got out there was only Hayley waiting for me though coz the others had pissed off and left us.

We went to the supermarket to get lunch then came back and found the other 3 with Ferny, Graham, Dougie and Ed (Ralph had cycled home). They hadn’t been there long and Emma later told me that Dougie had commented on the fact both me and Ralph were missing.

At the end of lunch, Hayley and I went into C Block coz we were bored of sitting on the field with Freddie, Emma, Olivia, Lena and Jade. We decided to go and have another look at everyone’s middle names outside it gym and we rounded the corner and found Ralph, Freddie, Graham, Ferny and Ed doing just that. We were all just generally taking the mick out of Liam Garton Franks, Freda Ann Bernadette Maria Fernandez and others. We were also taking teasing Graham coz he’s Graham Mitchell Baxter and Rach is Rachael Michelle Hollins.

French was solid and I didn’t finish it. I’m not really saying any more about it because it was a very traumatic experience for me! (It runs in the family being shite at French!)

After school we went and sat on the field again. I said something which made Emma tell Freddie I loved myself. He then said I was like Ferny coz he’s always doing that.

I was watching the road permanently to see if Ralph and Ferny had gone. Freddie said they had so I went. Just as I got out of school, I saw 2 people on bikes coming in the distance. I didn’t think it would be them but when I turned again I could make out Ralph’s hair.

I couldn’t stop smiling for some reason and I turned round and Ralph grinned at me really nicely. Then they stopped. I thought they were waiting for me so I slowed down coz they kept turning round but they were just taking their time crossing the road.

Emma says she can see why I like Ferny coz he’s got a sexy squint. She’s got Freddie so she’d better keep her hands off!

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