“But I need the toilet” – 5th May 1998

Tuesday 5th Well, I’ve failed miserably in both Maths and Science after all the questions I skipped in revision (last night!) came up. Oh well, it’s too late now. At least we had a long lunch hour and got to go home early. Actually, we had less time off at lunch than expected because our Maths exam started late coz the teachers had some papers missing and my set didn’t seem to exist in the timetables. It all got sorted about half an hour later though.

It was funny at lunch. I’d just been to see Mr W coz I can’t have the placements I wanted for work experience. I’m now going to a vet. Anyway, Hayley, Emma, Olivia and I had seen Freddie, Dougie, Ferny and Graham in A Block too so we went on a search for them as we were bored.We found ‘em again and were just stood in the corridor.

Us girls then decided to go on a walk round A Block but the lads warned us that some woman was patrolling the corridors and throwing people out. So we saw that as more of a challenge and went in anyway, followed closely by the lads.

Just as we thought we were safe, the woman leapt out from somewhere. The lads scattered and we tried telling her we needed to see some teachers. She wouldn’t let us. She noticed the lads make a dash for it. They’d all gone out of the back except for Ferny who’d run for shelter in the bogs. She saw him and when she told him to get out, we heard a small voice say back, “But I need the toilet”.

Everyone just burst out laughing and legged it leaving poor Ferny to take the stick. He came back bright red and they started making cracks about George Michael.

P.E. and Business Studies exams tomorrow. Wish me luck. Mind you, I don’t really need it! Hmmm, yeah right!

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