We’re going to go into Irish music – 4th May 1998

Monday 4th It’s the exams tomorrow and I am really calm about it all actually. That’ll probably change once I get in there though. I’ve been more worried about the Ralph and Ferny thing really but now I’m going to try and be calm about that too and just take things as they come and see what happens.

Emma said she was on the phone to Freddie last night. She told me that Freddie said he wasn’t surprised I’d gone off Ralph coz he was being such a prat at the cinema. He also said that he didn’t know if Ferny liked me or not when Emma asked him. He said William is too into cricket and the army and stuff to be bothered with girls. He also said that William had gone out with Gemma Crowther in Year 7.

I was also talking to Hayley on the phone. She’s convinced William fancies her coz on Saturday when she said summit about George Michael being quite good looking, he said, “So if I grow a goatee…” and left it hanging. She also assured me that she wouldn’t start fancying him again (coz she reckons she’s gone off Dougie) because he was taking the piss out of scousers.

I am severely pissed off with Arsenal too. Well, Man Utd really. They beat Leeds Utd 3-0 today. Why couldn’t we have had more winning earlier this season? It’s too late now!

Man City have been relegated again to Division 2. That’s the lowest they’ve ever been. Well, no more Manchester derbies for a while. I quite liked them, you know, humiliating the blue Mancs.

P.S. Emma and I have decided to give up playing sad, boring, graded pieces for the flute and we’re going to go into Irish music. It started when we were at the community day and these people were doing line dancing to ‘Lord of the Dance’ for some reason.

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