I decided that I prefer Ferny to Ralph – 2nd May 1998

Saturday 2nd Everything is really annoying. I decided that I prefer Ferny to Ralph at the cinema. I mean, I still like Ralph but I like Ferny more. The only trouble is that Ralph likes me and Ferny doesn’t. He really does like me too.

Emma and Freddie were snogging in front of us (the film was deadly boring so we were all messing about) and Ralph was complaining to them. Emma then told him to join in with me and he said he would. I was pretending not to hear by turning round and talking to Olivia.

He was being nice to me again and he got upset when I complained he was being an idiot. I think he was getting jealous of the fact that I like Ferny too coz the subject of Austria came up when I asked him if the fleece he’d thrown at me was the one I wore after the disco. Ralph then started asking what had happened after the disco. Not that there was much to tell unfortunately.

Every time Ralph moved there was a space between me and Ferny and he did actually talk to me quite a bit. That’s the pretty annoying part really. It’s the fact that the wrong lad likes me. I don’t know why I’ve suddenly gone off Ralph. I think it’s coz he was being a bit of a prat really. [And I was in panic mode in case snogging was on the cards.]

Everyone reckons Ferny likes Hayley though and I think it’s possible too. He was taking the piss out of her being a scouser a bit but it might have been to get attention from her.

My mum’s got George Michael on TV, what a coincidence! At the same time I’m writing about Ferny, his idol comes on TV. He was being quite funny about that actually and taking the mick out of himself a bit every time he went to the toilets after what’s been going on with George at the moment.

Ferny kept feeding me chewing gum as well. I had about 5 pieces at one point.

I felt a bit sorry for Ralph at one point though coz Emma and Freddie were dancing on the aisle and I think Ferny said something about us two dancing as well and then Ralph said it and they were making me choose. I said I couldn’t coz one of them would get too upset and Ralph told me that he didn’t get upset too easily. It was like he automatically assumed that I’d turn him down. I probably would have done tonight.

I feel really snidey to Ralph though with me liking Ferny coz I know how it feels to like someone who likes someone else.

Even though she’s one of my best mates, I have to say Hayley is getting on my nerves a bit. She was sulking and crying all evening coz she didn’t think Dougie liked her and she thought Jade, Lena and Olivia were flirting with him. In the end she said summit to Jade about it and Jade thinks she’s well hard (Ferny doesn’t like her) and Jade ended up yelling at Hayley saying that she’d “knock her fucking head off” and stuff.

She scared us all and there was like pure silence for about 5 minutes. I thought I was going to laugh and everyone was exchanging glances and Hayley just sat there in tears.

Well, it doesn’t look like I’ll be doing much revising this weekend.

[I believe this is a love triangle.]

2 thoughts on “I decided that I prefer Ferny to Ralph – 2nd May 1998

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