Ralph fancies me – 1st May 1998

Friday 1st Ralph fancies me. Well, according to Ferny and just about everyone else he does. It all started at lunch when for some reason Ralph, Freddie, Ferny and Dougie decided to hang round with me and my mates. Ferny was outside T Block and I was in it and then Olivia came up to me and put her thumbs up and mouthed “Ralph fancies you.”

Ferny was telling everyone. I went all embarrassed and I wasn’t sure how to react. I was flattered but worried about what would happen next coz on the way to the shop they were all teasing us and trying to get him to ask me out. I felt really awkward.

To arrange the cinema tomorrow, Emma and I did a 3-way call to Ralph. I felt much more comfortable after that coz he was just being normal. I ended up getting stuck with a normal call between me and Ralph coz Emma hung up and told us to phone her back coz it would all be on her bill otherwise. We tried to but couldn’t coz her phone was engaged. We just talked about Davis being annoying and what film we were going to see.

There was no mention of lunch at all (I don’t think) which was good coz I wouldn’t have known what to say. He did say something about him and Ferny and me in the dark for 3 hours but I missed it.

When Emma came back with Freddie later, we phoned Ralph again (after loads of attempts) so we had a 4-way call going. Freddie hung up which hung me up too coz I’d phoned him and couldn’t get back through to Emma coz she was still talking to Ralph. I found out what about later.

She’d been asking him if he was going to ask me out and he said that he really, really liked me but wouldn’t want to go out with me. She then asked him if it was coz he was scared and then there was silence until Emma said, “She’d definitely say yes.” She told me there was another long pause as if he was considering it.

I don’t know if I want him to ask me out or not coz it would just make me feel awkward again like I did at lunch then I get all embarrassed and can’t talk to him as well as I can otherwise.

There were other little things he said too, like he didn’t really want me to hang up when there were just 2 of us and he said he liked me after Emma said nobody did. Just stuff like that.

We had a funny Food Tech lesson today. There is this supply teacher who can’t speak, spell or write and she gets her Rs and Ws mixed up. (I think I might have said that before.) So you can get the picture of us all in fits when she was talking about the ‘ranking process’!

3 thoughts on “Ralph fancies me – 1st May 1998

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  2. Id forgotten about 3 way/4 way calls. If you were making this diary up I’d think you were putting too much golden nostalgia stuff in. Freaky. Down with Emma!


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