I’d probably have to make all the moves – 27th April 1998

Monday 27th Yesterday, me and Emma were on the phone to Freddie at her house. One part of the conversation, as usual, turned to me and Ralph. They were basically just saying things about getting us together by leaving us somewhere on our own coz nobody else turns up and stuff like that.

Then Freddie started sating about how I’d probably have to make all the moves (but knowing me, I wouldn’t) because Ralph’s too shy with girls and he hasn’t had much experience. But I think that bit was just to make Freddie look good when he gave a long list of girls he’d done one thing or another with. [I agree with teenage me. Freddie probably considered himself an expert in the field of Woman just because he’d done some lengthy snogging with Emma.]

Anyway, today at lunch, Emma told me that Freddie had told Ralph what he’d been telling us on the phone and apparently Ralph got really mad and hit Freddie. I don’t blame him really. It occurred to me today how embarrassing it would be if someone told a couple of lads what you had (or hadn’t) done. Emma reckons he must really have been annoyed and embarrassed coz he hit Freddie and didn’t kick him like he usually does!

Later at lunch, Ralph came round the corner and looked at me down his nose with slitty eyes and a smirk (like he usually does to people) and I carried on walking coz I was a bit embarrassed about Friday night’s phone call. I didn’t realise he’d stopped Emma at first but I went back to see what he was saying. He started telling us about how what Freddie had been saying was all lies. Aaah, he must really have been worrying either what we’d think or what Freddie had actually said to us.

After school we had a flute lesson again. Thornley and I went half way to the icey man then went back into school once the bus (Freddie gets on it) had gone past. Ralph’s bike was still there when we got back. I thought he must have died or something (look on the bright side, hey!) coz he’s usually gone home by then. But then I twigged who else’s bike was there and where they’d be. And I was right, Ralph and Ferny were on the tennis courts trying to play tennis. Ferny thought he was dead cool with his sunglasses on and Ralph seemed to be permanently in a heap on the tarmac. Freak!

When they’d finished, they got their bikes and I shouted over to Ralph about what exactly Freddie had told him he’d said to us. He didn’t say anything really and then Emma said something about Freddie giving me tips about him and stuff. He turned around, grinned and said something to Ferny.

We went to the canteen coz Thornley wanted a drink so I stood and watched which way they went. They started as if they were going across the field but then turned round and came to us for a drink.

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