He thinks he’s some sort of god – 25th April 1998

Saturday 25th There were 10 of us who went to see ‘Hard Rain’ at the cinema tonight. There was me, Emma, Hayley, Dougie, Freddie, Ed, Olivia (it’s her birthday too), Lena and Jade Hancock. That’s only 9. Hang on. Oh yeah, Freda came too. Sorry Freda, how could I forget you!

[CRAP SPOILER ALERT!] The film was quite good. It was an edge-of-seat type. It was just people after some money so they were shooting each other and all the time the water was getting higher. It had Christian Slater as the main character who survived.

[Via Wikipedia]

[Via Wikipedia]

Dougie and Hayley were really pissing m off tonight. To start with they were kicking my seat (they were behind coz there weren’t enough seats in a row so we went 5 and 5) and stuff and I had a right go at Hayley. She was annoying me coz she was being so obvious with Dougie. She won’t let anyone else talk to him or walk next to him. She doesn’t own the poor guy!

He was getting on my nerves too though. He thinks he’s some sort of god. Ever since that Full Monty assembly his head’s been enlarging at an unbelievable rate! He thinks everyone fancies him. I think it was only Emma, Freddie and Ed that he didn’t put his arm round at some point. I nearly smacked him one in the gob when he did it to me but I managed to control my fists – just! [Whatever. I was more likely to fall into some sort of panicky swoon coma if any boy had put his arm round me, never mind Dougie.]

Apparently I was annoying Dougie too. It’s probably coz I was taking the mick out of him sleeping at Ed’s tonight.

Emma reckons I was really flirting with Ralph on the phone last night and he was with me too. She says it’s so obvious that we fancy each other. She and Freddie keep taking the mick out of me by saying something like, “Look Tess!” every time they see ginger hair!

Emma, Freddie and Hayley are threatening to turn up here tomorrow. They said it was really good last time and so did Ralph. I don’t know what’s so special about it myself.

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