“Hurry up and stop waiting for Ferny” – 23rd April 1998

Thursday 23rd Hayley embarrassed me on the way out of school. I’d just seen Ferny and then he’d gone again but I couldn’t see his normal car so I was dawdling and Hayley yelled, “Tess! Hurry up and stop waiting for Ferny.” She then looked into the car next to her and guess who was sat there looking very embarrassed. Yes, Ferny! He must have heard, he was right next to us.

It was brilliant tonight. Me, Hayley, Emma, Rach, Georgia and a few others went to see the school’s latest production ‘Showtime’. It was just really lively and some of the teachers were doing stupid things and making right fools of themselves. All the people in in are in the programme opposite. ↵


[The set list was as follows…]

5,6,7,8 [I still know the dance to this. I am indeed TOTALLY COOL.]
Backstreet’s Back
Spice Girls
Natalie Imbruglia
Barbie Girl
All Saints
Spice Girls
Greatest Dancer
Little Mermaid
Janet Jackson
Lulu and Take That
A Whole New World
Spice Girls (The Oldies) [The teachers.]
The Full Monty (Oooooh) [Also – fairly inappropriately – the teachers.]

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