I’m sort of neutral – 21st April 1998

Tuesday 21st Hayley and Emma have had a slight disagreement over something stupid. They’re always doing it (although Hayley usually starts it off because Emma’s done or said something she doesn’t approve of) and because I’m sort of neutral, I always end up with both sides of the story.

I don’t actually mind that bit coz I like to know what’s going on, it’s just when they both try and get me to agree with them it gets awkward. If I disagree then she won’t speak to me and will think I’m siding with the other one and if I do agree and the other one gets to hear about it then she’ll think I’m going against her.

It all gets a bit complicated sometimes so I have to watch carefully what I say to each of them coz sometimes I can see it all being turned round on me. I’ve been lucky so far. I think.

Everyone’s getting sick of Hayley at the moment coz she keeps going on and on about Dougie coz she fancies him so much. We all think she’s convinced herself he likes her (I can’t really complain coz I’ve done that before now) and if summit happens to prove otherwise then we know we’ll have to put up with her depression and whinging all the time.

Dougie has himself told me and Thornley to tell her that he just wants to be friends but he doesn’t do himself much good considering things like when he was playing tennis with her in P.E. and stuff.

P.E. was quite funny actually. Because it’s our last full summer term in school, the P.E. staff said we could choose either badminton, tennis, cricket or rounders. Most people went for the first two but Ferny was sat on his own in the cricket section. I felt really sorry for him coz all his mates had deserted him but I thought he was brave to do what he wanted and not follow his mates like I have have done. Other lads did change their minds and join him eventually.


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