I got all excited and fell over! – 13th April 1998

Monday 13th And I thought today was going to be another boring day with Emma. It started off with us just biking it into the next village even though it’s a bank holiday and nowhere was open. Then we got bored very quickly and phone Hayley to tell her to meet up with us. She came and then all 3 of us were bored so we got Emma to phone Freddie then at least one of us would have something to do! He said he’d come in about 50 minutes after he’d done his paper round and fixed his bike. Just before they hung up, Emma asked him to get Ralph to come although I didn’t expect him to come really.

We had told Freddie that we’d meet him by the bench outside school but we were cold so we went back to Emma’s house and sat on the drive waiting for him to cycle past. We were waiting ages and they made me run up the road a few times to see if they were coming. I was jumping about on the other side of the road in the layby putting some sweet wrappers in the bin when in the distance I saw 2 people on bikes riding in our direction. I got all excited and fell over! It was a good job they weren’t any closer or they’d have seen my little stunt, skidding across the gravel.

We went indoors for a few minutes and then we went in the field (except Hayley who was terrified of the horses). We then decided to bike it into the next village but got as far as the end of Emma’s lane and changed our minds. We felt like a cross-country cycle (except Hayley who went home) so we went down the back of the school field and across to Hatchcroft Wood (or Raven Wood as everybody wrongly calls it around here – Raven Wood is on the other side of the river).

While we were riding through all the mud and water, I didn’t really talk to any of them coz I was mile ahead. The 3 of ‘em kept getting stuck and were just generally being slow whilst I was bombing it over roots and streams etc. By the time we got to my house we were filthy. Dad gave us the hose from the garage and we washed our bikes.

We then went inside on the computer, although “nothing on it is as good as Freddie’s” according to the lads. Ralph kept noticing photos and pictures I’d done when I was little which was embarrassing. We then all trekked into the living room to watch telly. Ralph wasn’t well and kept going out to be sick. I nearly was when I saw Emma and Freddie snogging behind the couch. I’m just glad my parents didn’t walk in.

Ralph actually said he’d been ill this morning but he still came.

It was about 7:00pm when they went home. None of them wanted anything to eat when Mum offered so I had to starve. I just stuffed myself when they’d gone.

Emma started making comments to me and Ralph about the back seat of the cinema after Freddie bit her lip when we threw cushions at them! Ralph didn’t react to that one. Hmmm!

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