Sticking the poppers on our coats together – 9th April 1998

Thursday 9th I hate it when you get days like today where there’s nothing much to do and you’re bored coz it just seems like a waste of holiday.

Emma was fed up too so I went round to her house and we mostly just watched TV and talked about Camelot. She and Freddie reckon that Ralph fancies me and I can’t really say that I couldn’t possibly agree with them because, judging from yesterday, I could.

It was just little things he did or said that they and I noticed:

  • the end of the Tower of Terror when I banged my head
  • the top of the Pendragon thing when he didn’t make any fuss about sitting with me when normally he would
  • the hands on my shoulders at the log flume
  • trying to get me to go on the dark ride again
  • sticking the poppers on our coats together in the queue for Venom
  • sticking up for me with the log flume thing when Dougie and Ed were taking the piss

I found out the full story of the log flume today coz Emma brought it up saying that he liked me. We were trying to get all 6 of us on one so Dougie said to try and make the group look smaller. He told Ralph to do to me when Freddie was doing to Emma. I couldn’t see what that was but Dougie put Ralph’s hands on my shoulders. That was the point when I started paying attention and thought, “Oh heck, that’s happening?!”

Emma said that Ralph looked round at everyone with a what’s-he-up-to look on his face. Emma thought he’d pull away from me but he surprised them all and didn’t. Then Ed and Dougie started saying, “Let’s all hold on to Tess!” and were grabbing hold of me. I was telling them to geroff and Ralph started going, “Stop it, you’re scaring her.” AS IF! It was nice of him to stick up for me though.

Emma keeps saying that I should go out with him but I don’t know what I’d say if he asked me.

4 thoughts on “Sticking the poppers on our coats together – 9th April 1998

  1. Ha! Loving the diary, it reminds me so much of my diary, I was always overanalysing what boys were thinking and what the hell might be going on in their head in my teenage diary. Ok, I was also doing that in my grown up 32 year old diary when I first met (alright, alright, for the first YEAR) my husband. There’s no way I’d ever publish THAT diary. But if I could find my teenage one……maybe.


    • Ah, yes… I’ve also sadly found that my diaries from my 20s and now 30s don’t actually differ all that much from my teenage ones!

      If you happen to find your teenage diary and fancy sharing some extracts here then let me know. If you ever post any on your own blog (which I’m about to have a nosey at) then still let me know because I’d love to read them. Get hunting for them! 🙂

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