They didn’t succeed – 4th April 1998

Saturday 4th Emma came to my house this afternoon and for most of the time we were on the phone to Freddie. We were phoning to tell him about the changed for Camelot (it’s Wednesday now) and everyone can still come so far. We just can’t get there now.

They were talking about me and Ralph a lot and Emma reckons they’ve come up with a plan for Camelot involving me and Ralph. Oh heck!!!

I was really winding Freddie up about Davis. I was saying he’d taken Emma round the back of C Block and he believed me. Freddie was also trying to get me to tell him if I liked Ralph or Ferny but I wouldn’t. A few other interesting bits came up too but I can’t remember what now.

I went ice skating this evening with Emma and her swimming club. I skated round with Emma and her mate Lauren who I’ve met before. There’s this really fit lad called Cole Wynn (Wynny) who they were trying to set me up with. They didn’t succeed.


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