“Ah, I love ya, Tess” – 3rd April 1998

Friday 3rd Today was the last day of school for 2 weeks now coz it’s the Easter hols.

I chose where I might go for work experience at lunch today. We had 4 choices so that if you don’t get your 1st or 2nd choice, then there are 2 more to fall back on. I picked:-

  1. The Health Centre – Physio
  2. The vet
  3. The primary school in our village
  4. HMV

Ralph wasn’t in school today and neither was Freddie so we couldn’t sort any plans out with them in school. This evening, Emma and I did a 3 way call to Freddie to ask him if he wanted to come to Camelot on Thursday. He’s been ill today (Funny that. Emma was complained that she didn’t feel well. I wonder who she could’ve caught it off!) but he said he’d be able to come.

We then decided to try a 4 way call so Freddie phoned Ralph. It worked. I dunno why Ralph wasn’t in school but he said he’d woken up at 8:00 am and put Key 103 on the radio and there’d been some competition to win £5000 if you phoned in after you heard some Oasis song. He said he’d listened all day and it never got played.

Emma and Freddie were teasing me about Ralph not being in and telling him how upset I was when I saw his bike wasn’t there this morning and stuff. I started agreeing, basically just taking the piss and I’m sure he said, “Ah, I love ya, Tess.” I’ll have to ask Emma about that one.

We have a problem now. Hayley’s working on Thursday and that’s the only day she can’t come. She’d begging me not to go without her. I’ll have to sort it tomorrow.

[I was being totally cool incorporating that up and coming @ symbol into my ‘bye’. It was around the same time that some equally on-trend boys in school started a band called ‘co.uk’.]

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