“Do you think I’m sexy?” – 2nd April 1998

Thursday 2nd I think Ralph had cheered up a bit today. Emma’s ruler used to say “Tess z Ferny” and “Sarah z Ralph” and yesterday, when she showed him the Sarah bit, he went, “Urgh”. Then today she showed him the changed version coz he’d scrubbed off what it said about him and Sarah. Today it said “Tess z Ferny + Ralph Ha Ha!” and when she showed him he just nodded and said something about me being sexy. That’s his favourite word, I’m sure. He’s always asking people, “Do you think I’m sexy?” Hmmm, strange boy!

Emma sat next to Ferny in her History lesson for some reason today and showed her ruler off then said loudly to Sarah about me not really fancying Ralph and actually liking someone else instead (meaning Ferny). She said he started to listen.

We had a fire drill 4th period, sort of. The bell only went off in certain blocks and I was in Art and Ferny and Ralph were in Spanish so I ended up walking back from the all-weather pitch with them. [The all-weather pitch can only have been called that because it emphasised all weathers. It turned into a dust bowl in summer, froze solid in winter and flooded at the slightest hint of drizzle. I’m also pretty sure I’ve still got grit from the bloody thing embedded under the skin on my knees.] They were doing hip thrusts while we were standing there for some reason. I think they think that I fancy them [I did!] because they keep looking at me and stuff.

It’s Graham Baxter’s birthday today and we found out that he thinks Rach is alright because Hayley asked him coz Rach fancies him.

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