Ralph was really sulking – 1st April 1998

Wednesday 1st Oh, hold on, I’ll just change my calendar…. Weird, someone’s already done it. I wonder who.

Mum said Dad was sleepwalking last night coz he’d been drinking whisky. He was stood in the bathroom at 4:00 am, staring out of the window and sighing coz he’d lost his way back to bed. When Mum told him off he started thanking her!

Emma said Ralph was really sulking in Food Tech because he’d had his name printed in the school newsletter →

[If you could just ignore the crap amendments wot I did in Paint then that would be much appreciated. Many thanks. Tess]

and he hadn’t even got through. All they’d given him was a pen. He thinks everyone will know he’s a failure now. So, Emma decided to try and cheer him up by announcing that I didn’t like Ferny anymore (I do) and that I like Ralph instead. She said he went, “What? What? Tell me!” wanting details.

Ed told Emma today that he was going to bring Reuben Leigh to visit me and try and get us together again. (Even though I never went out with him!) Ed reckons he’s good at that sort of thing but then he said that about getting me and Ferny together.


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