One of ‘em smacked Dougie in the face – 27th March 1998

Friday 27th My day wasn’t too bad. PSE turned out ok coz Bridget Linehan sat with me and so did Dougie and some other swotty lads.

We went to the cinema but Jez didn’t come. Nothing really happened and the film ‘As Good As It Gets’ was crap. Hayley was all over Dougie but he didn’t take the hints.

Dougie now knows I fancy Ralph and Ferny but I don’t think he thought I was being serious about Ralph. He got a punching too on the way back from McDonald’s. Freda (who we met walking too) shouted something to this group of lads and one of ‘em smacked Dougie in the face. [Nooo! Not his lovely face!] He just kept walking and the rest of us legged it another way. I twisted my ankle which just adds to my list of injuries at the moment. They are:

  • another sore ankle
  • pulled muscle
  • sore right knee from skiing
  • head injuries from walking into doors etc


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