And me on my todd! – 26th March 1998

Thursday 26th Ferny still wasn’t in today so we all went to the phone at lunch. Rach asked for him when his mum (who’s called Chris) answered and said he was in bed.

When he picked up, Hayley spoke to him. She told him everyone who was there and said happy birthday from us all. I then shouted, “Hayley did the hearts round my name!” because on the card she’d put loads of ♥s round Tess then sealed it so I couldn’t change it. He said, “Oh, thanks, that’s really nice” or summit and Hayley said he sounded embarrassed. (That was about the phone call in general, not the hearts.)

Hayley and I gave the card to Lola Fernley to give to him. She’s really quiet but Lena’s sister did the talking and asked us whether we thought Will’s fit or not. Hayley told her that I did and said to me that Lola gave me a black look.

After school, I was walking down the road with Hayley and the Fernleys drove past. There were his parents and his sister and his dad grinned at Hayley when she turned round. I bet his sister pointed us out as the ones who phoned and gave him the card.

Jez wants to go with [snog] Georgia in the Music rooms tomorrow. Nobody thinks she will because she’s too shy. He said he’s not going to go out with her though.

We think Poppy’s ill again. She was ill for a long time last year with a virus beginning with G that I can’t spell [glandular fever] and it’s possible it’s come back. I hope she’s ok. One a more selfish note, it means I’m going to be in PSE on my bill every Friday. Bugger!

We’re meant to be going to the cinema tomorrow. I can see it now. There’ll be Emma and Freddie, Hayley and Dougie, Georgia and Jez and me on my todd! Not fair, ey?! Ralph won’t come coz he’s skint and Ferny’s ill, int he.


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