I was being a right pain – 24th March 1998

Tuesday 24th I think I forgot to mention that on Saturday Sarah told me that she fancied Ralph and Ed. Well, I told Ed yesterday and I told Ralph today. He came over to talk to Emma about some recipe and I kept butting in, saying things like, “Sarah really fancies you” and “Ask her out, you know you want to”. He was pretending not to hear me but I know he could because the effort not to smile was all too much and the corners of his mouth were twitching.

I thought he was going to hit me or tell me to shut up coz I was being a right pain [Yes I was.] and that’s what he normally says to people but he didn’t. In the end, he went up to Sarah, asked her out quickly and walked off even faster. He was joking of course but she ignored him anyway. He’s not going out with her, even though I told him she said yes. He just looked disgusted! I don’t want her to have him anyway.

At last break, people were taking photos again. It was Olivia and Lena who wanted to use their films up from the Backstreet Boys concert. We went down to the tennis courts to get the lads on and we did. I was just on the end of one and Olivia told everyone to move up coz she couldn’t get me on and Ferny said, “It doesn’t matter.” I think he was joking but I dunno whether I was meant to hear it or not.

It’s Ferny’s birthday on Thursday so me, Hayley, Georgia, and Rachael all chipped in to buy him a card. It’s got cartoons of girls on the front and inside we’ve put ‘From your fan club’ and the 4 of us have signed it. He doesn’t want too many people knowing it’s his birthday just in case he gets egged!

Ralph was being quiet to me today. I mean, he spoke but he didn’t say owt daft like he usually does. Hmmm.


[Was getting egged a birthday fear at every school or just ours?]

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