I got followed by a Rottweiler! – 23rd March 1998

Monday 23rd I was dreading this morning. The 2 GCSE P.E. groups went on an orienteering assessment in Oldham but it was actually quite good.

First of all, the teachers sent us all off individually to find 5 points that were all meant to be quite easy. I couldn’t find the 4th one and ended up waiting for Naveen who was behind me. I did quite well on that compared to most people.

The 2nd bit we did was in groups. I got put with Marie Irvine and Boyd O’Neill. We had 10 points to find and it was supposed to take 40 minutes. After the first point, Marie fell over and twisted her ankle so Boyd had to run back and get Mr B whilst I waited with her. That took up some time and then there was just me and Boyd.

We got a bit lost at one point which took time so we swapped some symbols with another group to make up for it. Slight cheat! When we were looking for the 7th point, we met up with another group who were Graham Baxter, Dylan Tomlinson and Corrinne Hayes. We stuck with them coz they were heading in the same directions.

On the 2nd to last point, none of us could find it. We took ages looking for it and I got followed by a Rottweiler! Eventually we found that Johnny Doherty had gone and put a bush over it, the bastard!

When we got back to the teachers, they congratulated us coz we’d been the best groups and then we twigged they were lying coz everyone else was back on the coach.


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