Siamese twins, joined at the gob – 21st March 1998

Saturday 21st I’ve had a pretty bad day. I went ice skating for the day and, I’m telling you, it’s jinxed! Every time (well, the last few times) I go, it’s been awful. Either the wrong people turn up or nobody does. Today was different I s’pose but it’s the people that ruined it.

Emma wanted to get there (Altrincham) for 12:00 noon coz she wanted to get a Mother’s Day card. We took her and, on the way, she got me in trouble with my mum by mentioning that I’d stopped Zoe from coming.

The rink didn’t open ‘til 2:00pm so we said we’d meet everyone else there then. Freddie and only Freddie turned up at that time and I panicked thinking that I’d be stuck with them 2 snogging the faces off each other. Luckily, Sarah did come but later coz of traffic jams.

It was ok until Sarah told me she had to go earlier than the rest of us. She did and then I really was stuck with Emma and Freddie. [My comeuppance for stopping Zoe coming along.] I got sick of them (in more ways than one) and decided I wasn’t, no way, going home with them on the bus so I phoned Mum. I used the excuse that my knee was hurting as well as the truth that the others didn’t want to leave so early. She got pretty annoyed [Too bloody right!] that she’d have to come out and pick me up and I had to wait about an hour with the two that could be Siamese twins, joined at the gob.

My dad came eventually and said Mum had forgiven me and that it didn’t matter.

I can’t believe Emma sometimes! She promised me she wouldn’t leave me on my own and she did. Bitch! I dunno why I bothered going in the first place coz I knew she wouldn’t keep her word.

This is the ski trip for next year: →


I want to go but none of my mates are and it’s dead expensive. My sis is going though.

Blurry Ferny

[Never mind Ferny, I think I can just make out that petrol was 61.9p per litre!!]

And this is a picture if Ferny legging it down that road for some reason. I got it off Freda. Not a great pic.


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