Everyone says he’s dead good looking now – 19th March 1998

Thursday 19th I can’t believe what Emma did in English this afternoon. She decided to tell our teacher, Mrs N, that I fancied Ferny. She said it because I mentioned that Emma was going out with Freddie but I thought everyone knew.

Most of the class was listening when Emma blurted it all out about me. Then, just to make matters worse, I discovered that Ferny’s in Freddie’s English set and guess who their teacher is. Mrs N. She said she was going to ask him out for me as well! Flipping heck! That’s not really a teacherish thing to do. I bet she’ll say something though coz she’s like that. Then Ferny will get all embarrassed and will think I asked her to, then he’ll blame it on me and he’ll hate me even more.

Ed told Mrs N that I was going out with Ralph too. Then he told people that I went out with this lad called Reuben Leigh at primary school. He left during primary school and I didn’t go out with him but I remember chasing round and kissing each other! He keeps in touch with Ed and he’s coming at Easter. Everyone says he’s dead good looking now. I thought he was then.

I also told Rach that I thought Ralph was alright sand she took it that I fancied him now.

Ralph’s pissed up our weekend plans. He’s not coming ice skating so it’s the usual dropping out chain again. He says he’s skint and will be until he gets his job pushing trolleys round Tesco. Everyone’s been saying he fancies this new girl called Nicola Banks and Emma says he’s so obvious. He denies it though.


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