Ferny was wearing black socks today – 18th March 1998

Wednesday 18th BUGGER! Well, that’s it now. Man Utd are out of the UEFA cup. It was at Old Trafford so, even though it was 1-1, the away goal from Monaco won it for them, damn it! Oh well, I think they really need to concentrate on winning the Premiership. They’ve just had too many players injured recently. Mind you, that Michael Clegg was brilliant tonight. It was only his 5th or 6th match and he came on as a substitute for Paul Scholes at half time. [In my professional opinion] I can see him being a top player in a while.

We had our module tests for our GCSEs for Science today. They were solid! I’ve got no bloody chance, I’ve had it! I was stupid to only start revising last night as well. My mind just went blank of equations and rocks and electrical circuits and photosynthesis!

In their Food Tech lesson today, Ralph asked Emma, “Who’s going round saying I’m going out with Tess?” I bet he thought it was her. I thought it was Freddie. That was until I mentioned it to Rach on the way home and she told me that Josie Nichol had asked both her and Hayley if I was going out with him. It’s coz she saw me in the shop with him on Saturday. Bitch. I really don’t like her, she really likes to stir things. I mean, it might not have been her that told people but I wouldn’t put it past her.

For once, Ferny was wearing black socks today. He usually wears white ones and they look awful. I like him again now, not just because he’s changed the colour of his socks. He smiled at me when Rach and I walked past him and she said hello. He’s just got a lovely smile. I like his voice too. I dunno what it is, it’s just sort if calm, oh I dunno!


[I didn’t like him JUST because he’d changed the colour of his socks but it seems that was a major factor. Anything weird yet incredibly mundane ever made you fancy someone?!]

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