“You need a boyfriend” – 17th March 1998

Tuesday 17th Hayley is so obvious that she fancies Dougie when she’s around him and she thinks he likes her too. I just haven’t got the heart to tell her he’s not interested. I think he fancies Alana Gold in Year 11 anyway.

It was the slide show from skiing tonight. I wasn’t on many and it was pretty boring. To make matters worse, I was sat next to Emma who had Freddie wrapped around her. There were one or two good piccies, one of which was of Ralph stripping at the disco with no shirt on.

Emma told Freddie about that conversation after school yesterday and, when I asked them why they bothered, Freddie came out with, “We’re just trying to sort your life out for you. You need a boyfriend.” Bastard.

I can’t think of anything else that’s happened today.


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