I think I’m starting to like Ralph again – 16th March 1998

Monday 16th Oh heck, I think I’m starting to like Ralph again. Emma and I had a flute lesson after school and we had about an hour to spare so we walked to Emma’s house to pass the time. Ralph cycles home down the lane we were walking on and he caught up with us. Mostly he natters about nothing but eventually the conversation turned to Emma and Freddie’s long phone call. Then the conversation turned again and went summit like this:-

(T = me, E = Emma, R = Ralph)

E: Tess was going to ask you out at the weekend.
T: No I wasn’t.
R: Were you Tessa?
T: No.
R: Honestly, were you? Yes or no?
T: No! It was just Emma and Freddie messing about.
E: She was. She’s got a thing about tall, lanky people.
T: Yeah, Ferny.
R: And me.
T: My God, he’s psychic!
R: What, d’you find me attractive?!
T: Ooh, yeah! (Sarcastic. Very.)
R: Do you?
T: I couldn’t possibly tell you, it wouldn’t be fair.

It went on like that for a bit longer and then Emma mentioned the pack of 8 condoms Ralph’s mum had put in his bag for Austria, you know, just in case! He then said something about he could’ve used them with me and I sort of glanced at him thinking, “Yeah, right!” and he smiled and said, “I’m sorry Tessa”.

He kept calling me Tessa. I don’t mind really, it’s just he doesn’t usually. He kept smiling as well and went away looking happy. Oh no, what if he goes away and tells everyone I fancy him? Emma thinks he’s really pleased.

Right, we’ve got this dickhead in our year called David Nolan and I can’t help being a bitch to him. All along I’ve said he fancies Emma and today 2 people agreed with me. Ralph and Mr B. Thank you!


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