He’s got a good six-pack! – 15th March 1998

Sunday 15th Emma was on the phone to Freddie ‘til 1:00 am last night. That was a 3 hour phone call. I wonder whose bill it was! Anyway, within that 3 hours, the 2 of them cooked up a plan to get me and Ralph together.

Freddie reckons Ralph fancies me and Emma thinks I fancy Ralph so Freddie was going to phone Ralph today to ask him out for me. Fortunately, Emma told me all this today so I made her phone Freddie and tell him not to do it.

It’s not that I don’t like Ralph, it’s just that it’d be embarrassing going out with him coz everyone would take the piss. I know that’s snidey but that’s just the way it is.

I’d like (I think) to know what he’d say. I dunno, Emma thinks he’d say no coz he wouldn’t believe Freddie was being serious but Freddie thinks he’d say yes. Ralph’s not actually said he fancies me though, it’s just Freddie drawing his own conclusions coz he says Ralph’s always talking about me. I wanna know that he says now!

Freddie’s also put me off Ferny a bit. He says he gets obsessed with things. Before I knew him, he was always saying he was going to play on the Lancashire cricket team but he’s packed that in for the SAS. One good thing that’s come out of it all though – he’s got a good six-pack!


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