I chucked it over them – 14th March 1998

Saturday 14th Well, I’ve not had a very exciting day really. Everything went to plan which is probably why it was boring. Oh, except Dougie didn’t come but nobody (apart from Hayley) cared anyway.

Emma and Freddie were just snogging all the time so I was stuck with Ralph (which I didn’t mind really) until Hayley came. She’s decided she doesn’t like Ralph and was being horrible to him. He was in one of his immature moods though when he keeps making either sick or sad comments about stuff. I felt a bit sorry for him really coz Hayley was being snidey and I think he fancied her up until today.

It was funny on the bus on the way back from town. Emma and Freddie were busy in liplock in the corner and this girl was telling them to stop but they wouldn’t so Karen Brent (who was on the bus too) gave me her bottle of water and I chucked it over them. Freddie immediately blamed Ralph. I can’t think why!

When Ralph can’t think of owt to say he sings instead. Today it was all Space songs and now I can’t get ‘em out of my head.


[My house is LONG overdue a clear out.]

He kept agreeing with me on stuff today as well and he kept trying to get me to agree with him on stuff too. Emma thinks it was because Hayley was being nasty, Freddie and her were occupied and I was the only one being halfway decent to him.

I went back to Emma’s this evening to help her babysit her sister and Freddie phoned. They started talking about me and Ralph and how he was only so bored today coz Hayley was being horrible and he thought I just wasn’t interested. Aah, poor Ralph!

Freddie also said that if I asked Ralph out he’d probably say yes. I wouldn’t wanna go out with him though. He’s embarrassing! [That’s a bit rich coming from teenage me.]

They were also talking about Ferny too and about him walking round with a heavy rucksack every morning coz he wants to be in the SAS. She’ll tell me more if I see her tomorrow.


5 thoughts on “I chucked it over them – 14th March 1998

  1. Ha! Loved and owned that cassette. Plus The Fat of the Land and OK Computer. My three cassettes. This period in my life wasn’t exactly the same. I had a friend or two here and there through those years, and went for weekends to their houses, but I didn’t get a solid group like that until around 16. Then it was all great. But up to then it was kinda edgy. I remember shitting it every day as lunch approached because I didn’t know how I was going to conceal the fact that I had no mates. Perhaps it’s going to be revealed in this diary that you were the opposite and became a complete frightened loner from age 16 on.


    • Most of my lonely lunchtimes were pre-diary but I had my fair share of dreading school in general as I got older.

      In other news, your 3 cassettes beat my crap collection… Other than Space, I’ve uncovered Republica – Ready to Go, Fat Les – Vindaloo, stuff that I taped off the radio and Singalong with Mr Boom.


      • I think I had Republica. Red Alert by Basement jaxx was another single I had on casette. And Blood on the Dancefloor, which I attempted to return to HMV because I didn’t like it, at the encouragement of my ridiculous mother. My big bro taped stuff off the radio- I thought that was super cool at the time- he had stuff from the wee hours on radio 1. I never did that myself- kudos! Can’t say I’ve ever heard of singalong with Mr Boom Sounds amazin tho!


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