“He hates you” – 12th & 13th March 1998

Thursday 12th I’ve got hold of a photo of me and some of my mates off Rachael Hollins today. It was taken in school just after we came home from skiing so she could finish off the film. It’s not got everyone on but there’s quite a few of us.


Quite a few people have decided to embarrass me today. At lunch, Rach and Lena legged it down to the bus turning circle to ask Ferny out for me. They didn’t actually do anything though. Phew!

In Art, Ed, Bella Jameson and Cameron Anderson all had me cornered and decided to quiz me on whether I fancied Ferny or not. I denied it, sort of, but then Ed remembered me mentioning fancying Ferny on the way to the cinema once and I couldn’t stop smiling when he said that so I couldn’t get out of that one too well. Ed then started saying that he would get us together because he was good at that sort of thing. Hmmm, yeah right!

Emma let slip to Freddie as well in their Geography lesson by pairing us up for the dodgems if we go bowling. Rach also said something about lunchtime very loudly whilst Ralph was about and he overhead and said, “What? Tess fancies Ferny?” then went running off to tell him.

I have a feeling that I’m not going to have the best of days tomorrow and it’s Friday 13th too which probably won’t help.

This time last month I was getting ready for skiing the next day. The time has gone so quickly since then. Not a lot’s happened really.

Oh well.


Friday 13th Ralph can be such a bastard sometimes! He just can’t help stirring things. Mind you, I can’t really complain. It was just at lunch when we were sorting out plans for the weekend, Hayley said, “Get Dougie to come for me and Ferny to come for Tess.” So Ralph ran off and started going on about me fancying Ferny. Then he came back and said, “He hates you.” I’d rather not have know that. Cheers Ralph. NOT!

Anyway, we were meant to be going bowling tomorrow (me, Emma, Georgia, Dougie and Freddie) but nobody seemed that keen. I know I wasn’t anyway but that was partly to do with Ferny not coming. It turned out that Emma couldn’t come coz she had to babysit her little sister so we had to change the plan coz if Emma didn’t go, Freddie wouldn’t. Then Dougie wouldn’t want to be the only lad so he wouldn’t go and Hayley wouldn’t go then coz she fancies Dougie. There wouldn’t be much point in me going on my own. Georgia Dean seems to be a bit vague as to what she’s doing anyway so we just forgot about her.

Now what’s meant to be happening is that I go to Emma’s house for 1:00 pm. Dougie, Freddie and possibly Ralph will meet us there at 1:30 pm. We hang about the village until about 3:00 pm which is when Hayley finishes at work at the flower shop then we can do whatever afterwards.


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