Gee, what a great time we’re gonna have, hey! NOT! – 4th March 1998

Wednesday 4th I was very embarrassed in P.E. today. We were doing orienteering around the school grounds and because there were the usual 6 girls and only 6 of the lads doing it, Mr B paired us up. I didn’t do too badly and ended up with Pallav who was okay.

The embarrassing bit was when we were running across the mud and I skidded miles and fell over. I was covered in mud all down my right side. It was quite funny at the time and Pallav just laughed, it was afterwards that it was embarrassing coz I realised that all the Year 11s had English and probably all saw me. Jez (who wasn’t doing it) and some of the teachers laughed too when I went back inside to look at the map.

I was really pissed off before coz me and Emma have been trying to sort out an ice skating trip on Friday coz we have an inset day and it should be quiet. The thing is, all the wrong people are coming like Lindsey (Stupid bitch!) Bullman and Jade Hancock have decided to come and we don’t really want them to. To add to that, Freddie and Dougie can’t come.

[Lindsey (Stupid bitch!) Bullman]

Gee, what a great time we’re gonna have, hey! NOT!

Mind you. Dougie cheered me and Emma up a bit tonight when he phoned Emma to tell her he could come to the cinema. He cheered Emma up by saying that Freddie had been looking forward to the cinema and ice skating so it was probably his mum that wouldn’t let him go. He cheered me up by saying he might ask Jez and Ferny to come tomorrow to the cinema. I bet they don’t but there’s hope yet!

He gave us both a good laugh when he told us why Freddie’s mum was so annoyed with him. Evidently, after the cinema on Friday, Freddie’s mum had waited for him at the bus station ‘til about 1:00am because he forgot to tell her he was getting a lift home with Dougie!


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