I’m sure Jez pinched my arse – 24th February 1998

Tuesday 24th My black pen seems to have run out on me. I’m gonna have to buy another now.

Phew! What a day! My emotions have been up and down all the time but I’m secretly pleased with the result at the end of today concerning Ferny and Hayley.

I got to school this morning expecting Rachael H to run up to me and tell me Hayley was going out with Ferny but no-one was there. When Rachael did turn up she told me that they still didn’t know his answer. I couldn’t wait much longer to know so I made her promise to ask him at break.

During 1st break, I had a little bet with Emma. 50p on Ferny’s answer. I thought it’d be yes, Emma thought it’d be no and the bet was off if Hayley chickened out. You see, with 50p involved, it meant I’d at least gain some money out of my disappointment. [50p was equal to 5 bags of crisps or 50 penny sweets so I could comfort eat my way out of misery if needs be.]

By the end of break, Rachael still hadn’t asked him so on the way to P.E. I said to him, “So what are you gonna say to Hayley then?” His answer wasn’t clear so Rachael ran after him and Freddie (who’s now definitely going out with Emma by the way) to see what he was going to say. Then, much to my disappointment, she came legging it back and told me he’d said, “Yeah, okay.”

I had a miserable P.E. theory lesson but I couldn’t wait to tell Hayley in Maths which was the next lesson. Neither could Rachael. But as soon as Hayley came in the classroom, she said, “I hate you two!” We just looked at each other, wondering how she knew and then we remembered that Hayley had just had Drama with Freddie.

The other thing was that Hayley had got the answer she wanted off Ferny but was still unhappy. Then it all started spilling out in the middle of some y-intercepts questions. [Ugh. My brain just screamed a bit at the memory of those.] She was having second thoughts about going out with Ferny. I was trying to subtly persuade her not to go out with him by saying about how his mates would probably try to pressurise them into snogging like they did with Emma and Freddie.

I also mentioned James White, this lad she met in Jersey who she’s kept in touch with but I didn’t really need to bother saying any of that coz, by the end of Maths, she’d already thought about it and made up her mind NOT to go out with him.

WOOHOO! Sorry, snidey I know.

The only thing left to do was to tell him what she’d decided and who did she want to do it? Yes, me! I said I would coz I sort of wanted to see his reaction anyway so when I got the chance outside the shop at lunch, I went over to Ferny, Ralph, Freddie and Jez and said to Ferny, “Hayley’s done it again. She says she’s really sorry and she still likes you but doesn’t want to go out with you now.” Well, it was summit along those lines. He just said, “Well, I’d changed my mind anyway.” Yeah, right! That was just a cover up. I did feel a bit sorry for him though, even if he didn’t look very bothered.

Meanwhile, Freddie and Emma had decided to hold hands so I waited for a few minutes until she decided to detach herself from him. While I was waiting, Jez asked me where Georgia was. When I told him she was ill, he started going on about hoping it was nowt serious. He was saying it jokily but I think he fancies her.

Freddie also said that Hayley had said to him the reason she couldn’t go out with Ferny was that it wouldn’t be fair on me. Flipping heck! She’s already embarrassed me enough today by showing round these photos of me and her as babies!


After school, Hayley felt she had to say sorry to Ferny for messing him about and she did. When I asked him if she’d apologised, he didn’t seem too bothered.

As I was walking through C Block door, I’m sure Jez pinched my arse. I turned round and he was saying, “Tessatessatessatessa” really fast. He can be so annoying sometimes.

Oh well, God knows what’s gonna happen tomorrow. We’ve only been back 2 days and loads has happened already.


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