The French kids set off a firework int corridor – 18th February 1998

Wednesday 18th Half our group gave up after lunch so me and Georgia got stuck with Emma’s group. Freddie crashed into me and was nice about it. It only Emma they seem to have a problem with.

The 3 of us then split up from their group coz we’re too good [Good on the scale of beginner skiers, that is.] and Sonia took us down another slope. We really got the hang of parallel turns and went so fast. It was brilliant!

Ski Austria '98 Tess wabbit

[Here I am in Austria seemingly shocked to the core at the French kids and their corridor firework.]

After lessons, we met back up with the other groups at the top and got to choose whether to ski down or get the chairlift back to the hotel. I skied with Rachael Hollins, Charlie Wilson, Ralph and others. I ended up getting stuck on a lift with Cameron Anderson and Ralph but they were ok to me. Me and Ralph got down the Fun Park dead fast and ended up at the bottom alone together. We were getting on quite well actually.

Me and Rachael H got split up to go down different routes so I was left with Ralph and some Year 11s. Me and Ralph [Not again! I’d normally got the hang of ‘me’ and ‘I’. I blame the altitude.] nearly got all the way down the slope without falling and then he crashed into me near the bottom.

In the evening, I went into the games room and played table tennis with a football with Ralph until some girls from Chipping Norton (the other English school) joined in and wrecked it.

The French school’s teachers were having a fight with our teachers coz some of the French kids set off a firework int corridor and had been nicking money.

Emma is really pissing me off. She thinks she knows everything but doesn’t. She is so boring sometimes. [Pot. Kettle. Black.]


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