Rolling down a hill with Jez – 17th February 1998

Tuesday 17th We got put into different groups again. I got put in the better group to go down the big slope with some instructor called Sonia who had a go at you if you fell over. In my good group there was me, Rachael, Georgia, Josie Nichol, Jim Brackenhurst, Graham Baxter, little 5 yr old Jack L (Mrs L’s son) and Miss P.

After lunch we went all the way down the mountain. It was quite steep and some parts were quite scary. We also did the slalom and jumps and stuff.

It was good at lunch. The kitchen staff had made packed lunches which we ate in the café at the top of the mountain. We had from 12:00 noon ‘til 1:30pm and we all had a snowball fight coz it was the one snowy day we’d had.

I ended up rolling down a hill with Jez which I can’t say I minded really! I still like Jez and Ferny but Ralph, Freddie and Graham are being horrible to Emma still.

Simon Bell fancies Emma! Ha ha ha!!! Or so Rani said when we went to McDonald’s this evening.

It was good on the way back from there. Ralph, Freddie etc. didn’t come, they went to a pizza place. We got left with Mrs L’s 2 kids which we didn’t mind. There was Jack (5) and Hannah (8). Rachael had Jack on her back and I had Hannah on mine and we were walking through the streets chanting:-

We’re the Spice Girls check it out,
We wear knickers inside out,
Wonderbras are all we need,
We’ve got girl power up our sleeves.

Hannah was leading it and it didn’t half turn a few heads. [Brits abroad, yo. Once again, sorry Europe.]


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