I quite like Jez now – 16th February 1998

Monday 16th P. [Period.]

Skiing and tea and stuff were all at the same times again and nowt had really changed.


After the afternoon session, I came back and Jez and Graham Baxter kept asking me to ask Emma to go with Freddie. I did and she went all moody and embarrassed. They also said that Ferny wanted to go with her too but I heard them tell someone that they were just pissing about.

Then they started asking me if I fancied Ralph and if I was going to cop off with him at the disco. Er… no!

That got forgotten about though and all the attention went back to Emma and Freddie. They chucked a condom in our room so Rachael H chucked it back again. They wanted Emma to go and meet Freddie in their room but she wouldn’t so he marched into our room and and said to Emma, “You’re a stupid, fat, smelly cow.” Then said to his mate, “There, I’ve done it.” They must’ve told him to. They all ended up falling out with Emma after that.

I quite like Jez now. [Oh bloody hell, not another one. I’m losing track!] Georgia did already.

Tobogganing int evening – brilliant!


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