Jingle jangle silver bangle – 12th February 1998

Thursday 12th I’m going skiing tomorrow, finally! I’m not going to take this diary with me coz I will be terrified of someone getting hold of it. Instead, I’m just going to take a notebook and then I can write down roughly what happens in Austria and write it up when I come home again.

It’s Friday 13th tomorrow and everyone’s worried that we won’t make it across the English Channel. Then it’s Valentine’s Day and then it’s Charlie Wilson’s birthday on 21st Feb.

Emma told me what she’d write if she sent any Valentine’s cards. This is is:-

Jingle jangle silver bangle,
You look fit from every angle.

Then she said she was gonna put the johnny she got off Vanessa Wood in the card too. Stupid girl.

I’m really worried that I’m gonna forget summit. I mean, I’ve got tomorrow morning too coz most people going skiing are staying off ‘til 12:00 noon.

Oh well…


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