Her mum actually shaved her bald! – 11th February 1998

Wednesday 11th There was a memorial assembly type thing for Mr H this morning and a lot of people were wearing bright ties to remember him by.

I was sat right in front of Ralph, Freddie and Ferny and Ralph smiled at me when I turned round. They kept whispering and it was making me really paranoid.

Ralph cycled home at lunch actually. He must have been ill coz he didn’t come back.

Lizzie has got the worst hair cut yet. She let her mum do it and told her she wanted it “sort of shaved up at the back”. Everyone else knew she just meant shorter but her mum actually shaved her bald! It looks like this when it’s down:-

February 1998 - Bald

Lizzie managed to cover it up quite well by wearing a headband so it covered the bald bit. She was really good about it too. She knew how bad it looked but she just laughed it off. She was really brave coming to school too! [I’m amazed to this day that she braved school AND managed to laugh it off. I’d have cried at home for a year.]

On my way home I walked past this fire engine and all the firemen came to the window of it so I stuck my thumb up at them and this really fit one did it back.


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