I couldn’t control my face – 9th February 1998

Monday 9th I kept seeing Ferny or other members of his family today. I keep seeing his sister now. Actually, I probably don’t see her any more than I used to, it’s just that I notice her more. (Out of embarrassment!)

They were both there again after school. I think their parents mustn’t be able to pick them up straight away coz they’re always standing by the school gates.

Emma and I were coming back from the shop and I was just thinking that if they were waiting for a lift then I would have seen them already. Then, in the distance, I saw a girl in a yellow coat who I thought could possibly be Lola F then, to confirm it was, I saw the tall, dark-haired lanky figure [Er… swoon?] striding along behind her.

I was trying to get Emma to walk through the car park so I could avoid them but she wouldn’t let me. It was horrible coz I couldn’t control my face to stop myself from grinning stupidly as I walked by them. Will just walked past coolly and glanced at me. His sister (who was trailing behind him like they didn’t wanna be seen with each other) sort of smirked as if to stop herself from laughing. I turned round afterwards and they were stood there looking at me.

I had a shock later too when I burst into the canteen and saw Will by the lockers. I calmed myself down and calmly walked straight back out again and collapsed in a heap of giggles by Emma who was feeding a seagull. (Strange girl, she was talking to it too!)

When I thought they’d gone home I asked Emma to go to The Quiet Shop with me. As we were walking down the road we saw a maroon Renault Espace driving into school. I thought it was Ferny’s because Ralph said they had one of them but Emma said that their one was green. I was right again! Ha ha ha!

We came back fully expecting it to have gone but guess who we saw climbing into the back of it. Yes, Will and Lola. There was also a bloke and a woman (presumably his parents) and a little girl in the back. (The reg place was J357 JPP. Sad, I know but it’s just in case I see it again. Then I know to clear off!)

Ralph smiled at me at lunch. A proper nice smile. Hmmm, he must be ill or summit!

I saw him after school again too. Hayley had been asking me to find out if he was gonna give her a Valentine’s card and, as I was with her when he rode past (to get even for the Lola Fernley thing, you understand), I yelled, “Oi! Ralph! You gonna give Hayley a… er… Valentine’s card?!” I couldn’t think what I was s’posed to be asking him so I had to think. He yelled back a sarcastic, “Ha ha! Funny people!” Daft git.

Erm… nowt else has happened I don’t think.


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