I denied it of course – 6th February 1998

Friday 6th Poppy was in today which was lucky coz I went to the wrong room and I might have been on my own if she wasn’t there. We’ve ended up with I.T. again.

Hayley totally embarrassed me in the library at lunch. Will Fernley’s sister, Lola, (Year 7 or 8) was there too and Hayley told her that I fancied her brother. I denied it of course but then Hayley went on about us being future sisters-in-law. She’s lucky I’m still speaking to her! Lola’s gonna go home and tell her brother all that probably now.

She went all red and embarrassed when Hayley was telling her actually. I dunno why. I felt a bit sorry for her though.

Hayley also fancies Will so I don’t understand why she’s attracting all the attention onto me. I can’t really fall out with Hayley at the moment coz one of her best mates, Milla Green, has left school to go to Australia. Well, they’re visiting relatives in England 1st and going in a month or two. They won the lottery you see so they can afford it.


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