He probably doesn’t even know I exist – 3rd February 1998

Tuesday 3rd I found some pics from Titanic on the internet. They’re small, not very clear and not very good but they’ll do for now. I also found a couple of Leo DiCaprio that Freda gave me ages ago.

February 1998 -Titanic general

I’ve not had a very good week so far. Yesterday, I got bollocked by Dad coz Abby paid me 10p to walk home with her. Tonight, I got in trouble for, er… I can’t remember what but I was arguing with Abby about something and Mum and Abby were using me as a punch bag, I think!

I had another disagreement with Mum a few minutes ago as well coz she has to write a note for skiing mentioning that I’m “on antibiotics, minocycline, for her skin”. She (Mrs L) doesn’t need to know what it’s for, does she? She can know what they are called but I don’t want her knowing what they’re for. Any doctors in Austria can look it up if they have to.

I don’t want Mrs L knowing what’s wrong with me. It’s bad enough having the school nurse know coz she started telling me how I could help get rid of spots, like I don’t already know! I wouldn’t be on tablets if I didn’t need to be, would I? If there was summit else that worked I’d be trying that.

I dunno if I fancy Will F. or not now. It was just I saw him with his sister (Year 8, I think) last night after school coz their parents hadn’t picked them up. He just looked nice, I s’pose.

Oh, I dunno. I don’t really know him. [That didn’t normally stop me fancying someone.] He probably doesn’t even know I exist but if I tried to get someone to ask him to come ice skating, everyone would think I fancied him.

Emma and Hayley already do think that. I told Emma that I was trying not to let myself like him last night and I told Hayley in Maths to take no notice of owt Emma says about it. Hayley nearly went out with him once but changed her mind at the last minute. She told me today that he’d probably go out with me coz he was desperate for a girlfriend. [Charming!] I think she’s thinking too far ahead!


P.S. Freddie tried to push Ralph into me after school but fortunately it didn’t work. Ralph wasn’t looking at me but he knew I was there, he just walked along staring at the ground whilst trying not to smile, I think.

It was also the 1st performance of Grease in school today but only for the primary schools. I’m going to see it on Thursday.

February 1998 - Leo

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