Lizzie bleated like a sheep – 29th – 31st January 1998

Thursday 29th Apparently Ralph got thumped in the gob this morning by Jez and has now got 2 wobbly front teeth. Ralph did call him a Yorkshire sheep though. I dunno if it’s true though coz Ralph told Emma and she told me.

I went skiing in Runcorn again tonight. None of Ralph and Freddie’s lot went. I went on the big slope and went right to the top twice. I fell over one time on the ski lift and nearly for a 2nd time when one of the instructors was trying to push me over.

It was the 2nd night for Parents Evening and Business was a good report from Mrs R, Food was a good report from Mrs K and Maths was ok but it shocked Mum and Dad when (for once) they got told I talked too much to Hayley!


Friday 30th I found out today that Ralph hit Jez back 3 times. I didn’t think he had it in him. I wanted to see that coz I’m not sure I can believe it otherwise!

Lizzie got asked out by Howard Johnson today. She really does attract pricks. For once though so said no.

Hayley said Ralph’s ignoring her now. She thinks it’s because Lena Hall told him that Hayley doesn’t like him. He’s probably embarrassed and disappointed. Hayley feels awful now coz before he always said hi to her.

Lizzie was tight to Jez as well today. Emma, Lizzie and I walked past him at lunch and as he went past, Lizzie bleated like a sheep. Hopefully he didn’t hear her.

Whenever we walk past that lot of lads, Dougie seems to be the only one who actually speaks to us. At lunch, Ralph and Freddie all ignored us but Dougie stopped and talked. Then they all went off and left him. He was only saying about that letter yesterday, sorry Wednesday, but at least he says summit, not like the other miserable gits. Mind you, we don’t’ stop and talk to them either so we can’t really complain.

Emma reckons Dougie’s just polite. I think he’s just got more to talk about with us than the rest of ‘em.

By the way, whenever I say “that lot” I usually mean Ralph, Freddie, Dougie, Jez, Ferny etc and when I say “us lot” or “we” I usually mean me, Emma and our mates. That’s just for future reference.

I found out today that Ferny’s dad has the same name as my dad. Just thought I’d mention it.


Saturday 31st It’s all footy results I’m writing about today and bloody bad ones at that.

To start with, Man Utd lost 1-0 to Leicester City. How? Why? They can win against all these great European teams but can’t beat the likes of teams like Leicester bleeding City! I’ve got nothing more to say on that match except we were lucky that it was 0-0 to Liverpool and Blackburn coz they’re the biggest threats at the moment. That leave us 4 points clear at the top.

The other match which affected our family was the Bolton v Coventry one. Bolton lost 5-1. My dad wasn’t pleased at all and keeps saying that should sack Colin Todd. He’s probably right. Dad ended up leaving the Reebok Stadium 10 mins before the end coz he was that embarrassed. Mind you, it wasn’t quite as bad as he thought coz he thought it was 6-1 until he checked on Teletext.


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