‘Making eyes’ at the American boy – 27th January 1998

Tuesday 27th I remembered to hand my Chemistry book in but I was stood outside the staff room for ages waiting for Mr M to come out.

Emma told me about P.S.E. today. She said when they went in, Ralph was stood there looking all sad and pathetic and when she asked him what was wrong he said, “You wouldn’t understand, you’re not ginger” or summit. Then Freddie walked past and Ralph yelled, “It’s better being ginger than fat!” and Freddie yelled back, “Shut up you tosser!”

Emma told me that Ralph started then with a sob story about this being the 1st time they’d ever fallen out. But then he changed it again and said they were just pissing about. She doesn’t believe him coz they were separate at lunch (for once) and Jez is looking pleased coz Ralph’s always taking the mick out of him.

Sarah also asked him if he had any messages for me and evidently he said, “Yeah, tell her Freddie wants to marry her.” So that’s another thing that suggests the couple have fallen put coz somehow I can’t see Freddie wanting that!

Emma said she was asking Ralph about Hayley again and he said that if she wants to know if he fancies her then she’ll have to ask him herself. He also had some subtle way of trying to find out if she liked him but I can’t remember what it was.

It was Parents’ Evening tonight for Year 10 in school. These are how (more or less) my reports went:-

Mr L – Science (Physics) – I think I got a good report. They didn’t really mention much.

Mrs S – Art – A very good report. She knows Mum and Dad from years ago somehow (unfortunately). Creepy woman. My dad told me she used to drink pints and smoke cigars.

Mrs W – French – She’s got me down for top marks and thinks I’m good. Wow! She said I should try to write more.

Mrs N – English – Very good report. Commented on my Level 7 in the SATS and how she was surprised to see me doing the part of it that she’d recommended us not to. I’m surprised too coz she said it was harder and that’s why not to do it. I don’t remember!

She also said that I was the only girl in the class who wasn’t ‘making eyes’ at the American boy (Davis) and acted as if he didn’t exist. (I wish!) That’s true, I can’t stand him. She said she was pleased about that.

Mr B – P.E. – A good report, I think. He said that my theory work was very good. He said he wished I’d laugh at his jokes more though and he didn’t think I liked him. He tries to get me to come out a bit and talk more (I think) by asking me questions. I’ve bloody well noticed! By asking me EVERY question!

He said he was surprised I’ve taken P.E. at GCSE but is delighted I did. Hmmm, I sometimes get the impression that he doesn’t think I’m that good at the practical. That’s why he was probably so surprised.

I don’t think he likes me much. Mum reckons it’s just that he can’t tell what I’m thinking. I mean, he’s commented before on my thinking he’s a fool and embarrassed me by saying it in front of the whole class. He made me sound like a snob or summit.  I’m glad he didn’t make a snidey comment on my hair though like he did to Shauna Adams.

Maybe he was surprised coz I’m not on any school teams and I didn’t get the best effort grades last year. But neither did Lizzie.

Oh well. I quite liked P.E. but I’m not sure if even my teacher doesn’t have much confidence in me. If that’s the way it is then I’ll have to try harder to prove him wrong. If I was totally crap then I wouldn’t be in the higher group for normal P.E.

Okay, I’ll stop worrying. [Yeah, right.] He can think what he likes!

January 1998 - Tessa test

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