I wanna know if I’ve got competition! – 21th January 1998

Wednesday 21st I think Ralph fancies Hayley coz at last break I went up to the Home Ec. rooms coz they’d been cooking and I asked him if he fancied Hayley coz she thinks he does. [Coz I totally cared coz I massively fancied him myself.]

He didn’t actually say a straight yes or no, he said, “I think she’s nice. Whadda you think?” How am I supposed to bloody well know whether he fancies Hayley or not?

I said some stupid things whilst I was there which I’m beginning to regret now. I think he asked me why I wanted to know or summit coz I found myself saying, “Coz I wanna know if I’ve got competition!”

That was stupid. Very stupid. I dunno if he took me seriously or not though. Emma reckons he’s probably gone off trying to decide whether or not I was being serious or taking the piss. To be honest, I’m not sure he can think that hard! As far as I know, he’s only really good at cooking and riding his bike. Poor lad, I s’pose it’s not his fault!

Lizzie and I both went into a really daft mood in Geography and Dougie permanently thought we were talking and giggling at him. Paranoid, that’s what he is! We were (most of the time) talking about him and taking the mick out of Lizzie’s sisters thinking he’s posh and the way he rubs his forehead when he thinks. I wonder if he still thinks I’m quiet!

Oh yeah, I also asked Ralph who Freddie fancies. It’s not Hayley or Emma according to him. Not that Freddie would ever tell Ralph anyway.

Hmmm, I’ve never actually thought about who Freddie fancies. [I hoped it was me.] I’ll have to find that out somehow. I have my ways!

January 1998 - Heartbreak bye

5 thoughts on “I wanna know if I’ve got competition! – 21th January 1998

  1. Hope you don’t start censoring yourself but this one is pretty crazy. I can’t imagine a group of young guys laughing together about how dumb the object of their affection is. I certainly wouldn’t have been doing that. I’m not a psycho troll so forgive me for this, but women really are cunts aren’t they? If this is anything to go by. Again please excuse the rough language- it’s the only way I can say how appalled I am at this.


    • Oh shit… Ralph? Is that you?!

      There were no group-LOLs. The comment was only in my extremely private (at the time) diary. Two of us were giggling at Dougie for the apparently hilarious way he rubbed his forehead.

      And no, I don’t plan to start censoring my posts – partly because I was a blooming dull teenager and there’s not a lot of censoring to be done!


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