Dougie asked where I was. Twice. – 17th January 1998

Saturday 17th I phoned Emma this morning. I wasn’t as bothered about it as I was last night so I thought I’d give her a chance to explain. Plus I was bored! She said she thought I knew she was going. She told me what had happened and said I hadn’t missed much except they all nearly got twatted in McDonald’s by these lads causing trouble.

She also said Dougie asked where I was. Twice. The 1st time, he said, “Why hasn’t Tess come?” Emma told him I couldn’t be bothered and the 2nd time he said, “Where’s Tess again?”

She then told me he said I was “quite quiet really” and that Ed agreed with him. Bastards! [I don’t know why I was always so offended at being called quiet. I was.] She said to them that I wasn’t and they just didn’t know me properly. She said I got off lightly and said they were slagging Hayley off and saying she was annoying. They can’t talk! Especially Ed and Dougie’s just boring usually.

Emma said Dougie’s girlfriend and her mates were being bitches and were off fagging it [smoking] most of the time.

That’s really put me off Dougie now. I never liked Ed to start with though so there’s not much difference there! [Ed is one of the few school people that I’ve told about If Destroyed Still True. Soz Ed! If you’re reading this, I like you nowadays, I promise!]

I’ll have to concentrate on Ralph and Freddie now!


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