The lying little turd! – 16th January 1998

Friday 16th It was a mixture between funniness and complete embarrassment for me this morning. I was in the Home Ec. Rooms with Emma and (coz Ralph wasn’t in yesterday) I was looking out of the window to see if Ralph’s bike was there. So as I was walking back down the stairs, I said to Emma, “There’s a bike in Ralph’s place but I can’t tell if it’s his or not”. Just as I said that, Ralph came up the stairs and I nearly walked into him. I said hello then burst out laughing. He said “stop it” coz he thought we were laughing about the assembly.

I hope he didn’t hear me. He didn’t half scare me. That was bad timing!

At break, Emma went to hand in some money for skiing and Freddie came too. Me, Hayley and Emma were going to ask Ralph and Freddie if they wanted to either go to Bolton Water Place or ice skating so, whilst we were stood there, Emma asked him about ice skating. He pulled a face so I asked him why and he told us he’d given up ice hockey so he’d gone off it. I then said, “Have you take up stripping instead then?” He gave me a funny look at lunch too which was probably coz I was grinning at him.

There have been lots of plans made to go places this weekend. There are loads of girls going to Bolton now coz Emma asked ‘em all but no lads. Freda has sorted a trip to a new Warner Brothers cinema in Bolton on Saturday night (tomorrow) and Ed’s been asking people to go to the cinema tonight. I’m not going tomorrow coz I can’t be bothered and I said I probably wasn’t going tonight coz none of my mates were really going.

Or so I thought.

I phoned Emma earlier on about Sunday and I asked her (just to make sure) if she was going tonight. She said no but she had to phone Ed anyway. She also said she had to phone Lizzie and that she’d phone me back when she was done. She never did.

Then Abby went to the cinema tonight with her mates and came home and told me she’d been in the same film (Starship Troopers) as Dougie, his girlfriend, 2 of her mates, Ed, Lizzie and Emma. The bitch. If I’d have known they were going I’d have gone too. I only didn’t bother coz I thought there were none of my mates going. That’s not fair. She could’ve phoned me back.

I seem to remember that on Thursday when I said I was going and she said she was swimming she was saying how unfair it was to not wait ‘til she could go. She also said that she wouldn’t have gone without me. Well, so much for that, the lying little turd! I really hate her sometimes.

Now, I’ve got to decide how to react. Do I

  1. Go about getting a confession out of her subtly?
  2. Have a right go at her?
  3. Wait for her to phone me then just not answer it? If I do end up answering by mistake then be really quiet.

Hmmm… hard choice. I’ll use a bit of all probably.


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